What is the importance of Classified ads? how to post free classified ads?

What is the importance of Classified ads? how to post free classified ads?

classified ads

Classified ads are online ads which are placed on classified resources. It does work as the same way how you give advertisement in any other media like radio, magazines, newspapers and television etc. These ads placed on websites grab the attention of the visitor. Submitting the classifieds may increase the traffic level to your website. This is one of the SEO tactics to promote the traffic.

Classifieds help in promoting the website as they get posted immediately and within no time you can generate sales queries maximum in couple of hours. These are posted on the resources which already having traffic and lot of people refer them for quality products and services. Classifieds are the big resource for those who are not in the organic ranking like

  • Those who want to sell products and services immediately
  • Those who are having small businesses and cannot afford much in promoting organic listings.
  • For startups which want business from every possible resource.
  • Organizations and companies which want to bid for client requirements.

In an SEO activity Classified ad submission involves placing of online advertisements on websites. This is an excellent medium to promote events, products and services on web. Most of the people underestimate the potency of classifieds and focus majorly on blogs and article submissions. A lot of business information can be passed to the target audience and customers by these classified ads.

Classified ads must be simple and easy understandable format. They should consist of all important information which is essential to the business and services offered. A simple attractive ad may bring the customers to your site. A call to action icon or phrase should be included to increase the ads popularity. As all we know that SEO is very broad and comprehensive strategy. Don’t think that classified ad submission is a small part because this tiny part only brings a lot of promotions in online business.

The main idea behind creating classified ads is to generate business on web and to create leads. By placing the ads we will be getting an excellent link back to our website. There are some places on cyberspace where you can place the back links along with the content. Most of the SEOs offer classified ads submission to various sites with low costs.

Let’s see how to post a free classified ad

Find the best local classifieds websites on internet and start selling or buying your products. Just follow these simple steps wherever you post the ads on any free website.

Classified websites: First and foremost thing is to search free classified websites in search engines.

Login: Most of the sites ask you to register on their database for relation with the site or they won’t allow to post without registration.

Post: For posting a free ad you will be finding a button on top of the website.

Category: Choose the relevant category of your posting.

Upload images: You can also post the images about services and products.

Description: Fill the form about your post like price, model, description, contact, email details etc.

Review: Have a final review before publishing your ad. There will be chances of editing your changes.

Email Authentication: Confirmation of the link about the post is sent you via email. The post link will be embedded in the mail. Just click on the link and posting process will be finished.

Now your post is alive. Follow and gain more traffic to your site by using the classified ads.

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