What is the need of ecommerce retargeting?

what is the need of retargeting

Retargeting is a method by which ecommerce marketers can re-attract previous visitors who browsed about some information but then left the site for elsewhere. It is nothing but remarketing. It is a tool that designed to help organizations. Retargeting helps in targeting the visitors to call back to your site. Serving the visitors by reminder ads is an attempt to keep your brand in their zone. The main aim of retargeting ads is mainly focusing on lost traffic. This gives a hope to get back the lost customers.

How retargeting work?

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology which uses a simple javascript code to “follow” your audience all over the web. This obtained code sets a cookie in the visitor’s browser. When the visitor visits any other sites the cookie shows that the advertiser’s ads are displayed only to those who have visited previously the advertiser’s site. You can use retargeted ads through google adwords which is called as remarketing.

Retargeting is one of the powerful conversion and branding optimization tool. It can work better if it’s part of big digital strategy. It helps in increasing the conversions but not driving traffic to your site.

What does retargeting do?

  • Retargeting brings your cookie visitors to your site with a tracking tag. Tracking tag is a javascript code that add just before the </body> tag on each page of a website. This places a cookie in the browser of every person who visits your site.
  • After tagging the unique “cookie” this will search for the visitors across the websites in network and serves the ads to them.
  • Once the ads are shown to the visitors the user may click on it and then returns to your site. This may brings you more sales.

Types of retargeting

There are many types of retargeting methods which are available to marketers. Lets see what are they

Email retargeting: If the basket has been abandoned by a registered user of a site, where the visitor is not visiting from long period then the user may get the mail asking to revisit the site. This is one among the types of retargeting through mails.

Search retargeting: This is type of behavioral retargeting. Displaying the ads based on the search queries is called as a search retargeting.

Contextual retargeting: This is more complicated compared with site retargeting. Suppose if a visitor leaves the current site and later visits the partnered site then the adverts for the previous site will be displayed on the present one.

Retargeting is a nice opportunity for small business. This gives a powerful opportunity for marketers and businesses to boost their conversions and convert them to sales. Every time the customer of your site sees the retargeted ad or email which reminds them about the former desire to purchase and turns them back to your site. Retargeting also helps to create brand awareness with repeated exposure.


  • Ads should not be retargeted to the customer who already purchased the product.
  • Don’t point the customers with same ad over and over for weeks.
  • Include clear call to action button in the ad. So that it will drive the customer to the relevant landing page.
  • Retargeted ads should be tailored to individual customers using segmentation.