Which CMS is secure joomla or wordpress? why?


WordPress is a free and most popular open source blogging tool and CMS Content Management System. It is based on PHP and MySQL which runs on Web hosting service. WordPress is the most popular blogging system which has plugin architecture and template system. WordPress is very simple to use so basic bloggers prefer to use it. WordPress is easy to customize when compared to Joomla. WordPress has very large extension plugins; there are very few things which these extensive plugins cannot do. Though it has vast plugins it lacks in designs so there is not much change in the designs of the blog. It almost looks like the basic blog design. The main drawback of WordPress is that it cannot handle high content volume as it was basically designed as a blogging platform.

Joomla is also free and open source CMS for publishing web content. Joomla is written in PHP and uses object oriented programming. This is also very popular CMS but beginners or starter bloggers will find it difficult as it is little complicated. Joomla can handle larger volumes of articles than WordPress. Big bloggers with high volume of content and security concern will go in for Joomla. Joomla cannot be handled by the beginners who do not have much knowledge on plugins and SEO unlike WordPress which can be handled with the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Joomla has many stunning designs for your blog. Joomla needs lots of work to be done to get the search engine friendliness. Its extensions are very strong and is divided into five groups namely modules, plugins, language, templates and components. All these five groups differ in terms of power, capability and functions.

WordPress is the most hacked CMS application. Joomla is much secure than WordPress, but still both been an open source Content Management System the publishers face vulnerabilities. So to avoid hacking it is recommended to update your plugins, keeping it up to date. The five key principles of website security are updating everything, delete any disused extensions/files, create unique password, manage administrator access and last but not the least take regular backups.

These can reduce hacking to some extent. WordPress is easier CMS when compared to the other two most popular CMS Joomla and Drupal. But if you take to the security concern then Joomla is the best option, still it is not completely safe. WordPress is well known for its security breach when compared to Joomla. Even Joomla been an inferior CMS, but only if the security aspect is concern then Joomla is better option. In WordPress there are new fresh security problems found by most of the developers. In WordPress lot of people use their own themes and plugins which leads to easy infect and easy to hack too. WordPress software needs third party plugins to boost its installation security which itself is a breach of security. Hence Joomla is best preferred CMS blogging tool than WordPress when security is the main concern.