SEO vs SEM – What is free SEO and paid SEM?

SEO vs SEM - What is free SEO and paid SEM?

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to a website but generally the most important are search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM). Those who market their business on web would definitely know about these both. These two are said to be core fields of internet marketing. Two techniques which help you your website rank well in organic search engine results.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Strategies and tactics used to improve the chance of visibility of site in the search engines is called as an SEO. The main aim of SEO is to obtain high ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine. SEO is a set of white hat that webmasters and content producers follow to achieve a better rankings in a search engine results. If a website naturally ranks in results of search it leads to great chance of visiting the site by user.

What is SEM?

Search engine marketing is a broader term than SEO. We have lot of options available to use a search engines technology including paid ads. It includes things like SEO, paid listing and other search engine services which increase traffic and exposure to your website. The main goal of SEM is promoting a website and increase traffic. Using paid search advertising you buy advertising space in search engine results. Google adwords is the most well known advertising agency. You will be paid for ads displayed on your site.

Which is better either SEO or SEM?

Both are essential for successful online business. Let’s see the importance of SEO and SEM individually.

Is SEO better

  • Gain lot of benefits by exploring the resources once.
  • Lot of websites is tending to have poor SEO. So every single effort is a substantial fruit.
  • Those who know the difference between ads and organic results can find that the organic results are more credible.
  • Cost per visitor is a small fraction than what you pay for SEM campaign.
  • SEO takes long time to achieve but inexpensive.

IS SEM better?

  • Having an SEM campaigns may results instantly than SEO.
  • You can track for what you are paying and are can measure the ROI.
  • Hit once the winning formula then you can scale the SEM strategy easily.
  • PPC is one of the techniques used in SEM which converts traffic much better than organic search traffic.

What is required for ecommerce business?

  • Is your ecommerce website is new? Then you can’t wait for SEO success because it will take more time. So consider SEM in this type of cases. Spend 90% on SEM and remaining 10% on SEO.
  • If you find some SEO success, gradually increase the allocation of resources to SEO.
  • For gaining best results and traffic you need to use SEO and SEM activities.

Right time to use free SEO

SEO is cheaper but time consuming. So doesn’t waste time have a look on some cases where to use SEO.

When your budget is low: If you have more time with fewer budgets you can choose this option. In this case just concentrate and invest your time on SEO and when your budget increases then start moving to PPC.

Less competitive keywords: Bid on the long tail keywords which brings many clicks. Long tail keywords can rank well even if you don’t use special activities.

When to use paid SEM?

Competitive keywords: Try the competitive keywords and check the results. Most probably you can achieve likely results. Use google adwords for finding the competitive keywords.

Need traffic in short period of time: SEO takes lot of time to get results. If you can’t wait for the traffic and want to gain soon use this SEM technique.

For better winning results using both SEO and SEM is important.