Worst common SEO mistakes to avoid

Worst common SEO mistakes to avoid

SEO mistakes to avoid

Search engine optimization (SEO) it is the process of getting traffic from natural listings on search engines. Search engines are on a mission to give relevance and quality to the search queries. Do you have site? Don’t you have SEO consultant? Then there are few things you can quickly go and check manually. Some of the issues may not be recognized properly. Don’t panic here we are giving aware of some of the mistakes commonly done in SEO. Have a look

Common SEO mistakes to avoid

Keyword stuffing

This term is commonly used when an optimizer use repeated keyword phrase too many times. Keywords are said to be king of SEO. More usage of same keywords will harm your ranking and you will be penalized. May be it got worked well a while back but now the search engines got updates and declared that this results are not usually of high quality. Keywords should be implemented as a part of the content in an informative way. Try avoiding this.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content means having the same content to more pages of your site or copying the content from some others. When search engines see this type of content it may not know what to index. So avoid duplicate content to your site by maintaining the proper content. This makes the search engine easy to retrieve data by presenting relevant information.

Using the wrong keywords

Thought the keyword resembles effective but if it did not match to the content means? This is the major mistake that many people make. Use the keyword research tools and integrate proper keywords to your site. Broader keywords may result more visits but it may not show in any traffic that actual converts. Make sure that you are referring the site content before making the keyword list. Avoid writing the keywords this leads a valuable opportunities.

Title tags and Meta description

Title tags and Meta description are very important keys in SEO. Title tag is link used to your site from search engine results. Keywords should be properly integrated on the pages content. It helps the search engines to index the pages and that will read by the users in the search engine result pages. Meta description is what will show underneath the URL in the search engine results. Unique Meta description is maintained for every page of your site. This provides a brief summary for both search engines and users.

Internal Linking

Having poor internal link structure cause a major problem both from user point of view and search engines. Make sure every page of your site has links. When search engine crawls the site it counts of your internal link structure to bring to every page of your site. It can help in easy indexing. These links may fall an impact on page ranking of your site which lower your bounce rate.

URL structure

Having a proper url structure is also important for SEO campaign. Users and search engines can look at the URL structure whether it is matching to your site content are not. Target the URL with the keyword phrase which you have used in the content. This may tells you all about your site with a single keyword.

Broken links

It is natural to get a broken links. These will be most irritating factor for visitors and search engines. These broken links may downgrade of your site rankings so make sure and keep removing the links and check for site errors simultaneously.

Improper usage of Alt tag

Many people leave this blank and not knowing the importance of the Alt tag. Start naming your image using the keyword is a good practice. It is also best SEO practice. Search engines cant read the images but if the image containing the alt tag adds plus.  Alt tag should be short and descriptive phrase about the image and keyword phrase should include.


It refers to normalizing multiple urls. Users may use multiple URLs for accessing your website. It will be confusing for the search engines which will view each of these URLs as distinct pages. Another way is using the 301 which redirects into the preferred URL. Though its not so necessary but it helps the search engine for knowing proper URL.

Robots.txt files

A robots.txt file informs the search engine bot on how to interact with your site to index your content. A minor change in the robots.txt file may cause specific indexing issues. So make sure while doing changes to your robots.txt file.


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