10 ultimate WordPress responsive themes with slideshow

IVE 68 Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme


We are sure you heard about the bootstrap cherry framework that was invented by the developers of TemplateMonster. The bootstrap functionality can be referred to as a 21st century technological advancement that helps in better functionality of the WP sites/blogs. The new IVE 68 is one of the WP themes that works on the bootstrap cheery framework. Its fully responsive and hence easily fits on any device. You just need to try it to believe this absolutely amazing technological advancement.

Gerico Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme


Have you been looking for a website that is well crafted and is consistent in its functionality and haven’t come across any such thing as of yet? Well don’t worry, you have reached the right place. The all new Gercio WP theme powered by bootstrap cherry framework does exactly what you have been looking for. It helps you come up with a professional, highly responsive site that is sure to capture the attention of your prospective clients. It features and design will help you convey to your clients that you are there to do some serious business.

Cars and Motors Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme

cars and motors LIVE DEMO

Cars&Motors is a well designed WP theme that is packed with amazing features. Its fully responsive layout fits amazing well on multiple devices thus helping in showcasing the images and the content on your site on every screen size and type. Not just that, but its also equipped with the all new bootstrap cherry framework which makes it easier to customize your business site as per your latest business needs. Its just the ideal WP theme that you can ever think of. Just grab it and make the best use of all that it could offer.

Grosso Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme


Are you particularly concentrating on getting some serious business and propelling to greater heights? Are you on the lookout for a good technically advanced WP theme that will help you showcase your work in the best way possible? Then the Grosso WP theme is the best bet for you. Its minimalistic design and awesome features will help you to drive more traffic to your site and help turn every visitor into a prospective client. Its definitely a valuable investment for those in serious business.

Mia Wang Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme


Nothing can be as perfect as Mia Wang WP theme for those who want their work to speak on their behalf. Yes we are talking about freelancers, photographers and videographers whose entire career depends on the way they project their work. The Mia Wang WP theme is empowered by the all new bootstrap cherry framework that is known for its amazing features. Not just that but its highly responsive feature helps the theme to fit perfectly on multiple devices there by allowing you to showcase your passion in the best way possible.

Runner Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme


With its awesome color schemes and amazing design, the new Runner WP theme empowered with bootstrap cherry framework is ideal for those in running club or athletic club business. Its 2 column layout helps in presenting the content on your site in a very professional and creative manner. Its easily customizable and helps in creating a very special sports/athletic atmosphere.

Agrox Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme


If you thought that those in the farming and agriculture business have no need of any professional website then you better rethink. The new Agrox WP theme is specially designed to those who provide unique products that are value driven. It runs on the bootstrap cherry framework, which makes it easily customizable. In other words with this amazing functionality you can customize your blog/site as per your changing business requirements.

Budvex Responsive WordPress Theme


Budvex is an ideal choice for those in the business development, marketing and sales business. Its packed with some innovative and highly impressive features. Once you try using the theme you would come to know of its many advantages that includes amazing social media integration, back to top button, spacious content area, subtle color schemes, minimalistic and stylish designs and much more.

Defence Law Responsive WordPress Theme

Defence Law LIVE DEMO

Defence law, as the name suggests is a WP theme that is specifically designed to those who are in the law business. This bootstrap cherry framework powered WP theme helps in propelling your law business to an altogether new level. Its cool 2 column layout helps in arranging the contents on the site in a clean, clear, organized and professional manner. Anyone who visits the site will undoubtedly be able to get all the information they need very easily and quickly. Try the theme to believe it.

Beed Law Responsive WordPress Theme


BeedLaw is a powerful, modern WP theme that is designed specifically for those in the law business. Its ideal for agencies or private lawyers who provide wide range of services pertaining to law and order. You can use its features to showcase your past work and accolades in the best way possible.With the help of its bootstrap cherry framework you would be able to customize (edit, update and maintain) your blog/business site as per your preferences and changing needs.