Best Free Deals to Download Right Now!

Luckily there’s a bundle or a deal for every taste and wallet. At MasterBundles you can get not only premium deals but also the free ones. In this round-up, we’ll talk about free deals that you can download right now. The free deals at MasterBundles fall under the following types:

  • Graphics
  • Brushes
  • Photos
  • CV’s
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Patterns
  • etc.

Further, I’m going to outline the most interesting examples of these categories. Also, don’t forget to check some more compilations at our MasterBundles blog where you can find lots of awesome premium deals compilations that will fit any purpose or project.

Let’s roll!

Free Landing Page WordPress Theme to Start Online Business

In today’s collection of freebies, this item is the most interesting one. Basically, it’s an affiliate tool that allows everyone to build a full-fledged bundle website. How does it work? It works as a WordPress website because it is one. To install it you need to follow this manual on how to migrate a WordPress website because the archive contains not just a theme, but a complete website with its own database, which is why you will have to import the database into the one you create for a new website. Don’t forget to take a peek at the username and a pass, otherwise, you will find it difficult logging in. With this freebie, you can create a small affiliate website that will bring a small but steady income.

600 Free Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor design items are one of the most trendy in 2018. If you’re into this type of graphic assets you can give them some extra touch with the help of these Photoshop brushes. The pack includes 600 amazing brushes that you can add to your library and use on an unlimited number of projects. At other marketplaces, similar packs will cost you at least – $10 but here at MasterBundles this pack is 100% free.

50 Free Watercolor Dripping Brushes

Here comes another set of free watercolor brushes. You can grab this pack since it can perfectly complement the previous item. If you’re creating various graphics included printed one this set of free brushes will help you make your design projects really awesome.

10 Free Thanksgiving Fonts

The Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner don’t forget to spice up your designs with turkeys, pumpkins and some thematic typography. The following pack includes 10 free Thanksgiving Fonts that can be used in any of your design whether those are printed goods or promo banners. Go get this free pack right now.

5 Free Christmas Fonts

The next big event right after the Thanksgiving is Christmas. Make sure that you initiate preparations for this event in time. Preparations include the gathering of graphic design assets you will need to add a holiday touch to your website. Start with this nice collection of free Christmas fonts.

Free Kitchen Stuff Icons

The next type of free graphic design assets available at freebies section are the icons. The following pack contains 100 free icons created for food designs, all icons in this pack are available in PNG and AI file formats. Having an AI file you can infinitely scale these assets making them skyscraper-sized without losing their quality. Grab this pack and go add some nice touch to your designs.

65+ Free Food and Cooking Icons by Icons8

Following pack is a tiny-tiny part of a vast collection of icons available at icons8 website, there you can find more than 18K icons covering a multitude of topics. The following pack of 65+ icons covers food and cooking topic. Icons are available in two sizes 48*48 px, and 96*96 px files are available in PNG format. These icons will be a great fit for various interface elements like buttons or lists, or anywhere else.

Free Office Photos Pack

In case you need some nice photos that can be used as featured images for your blog posts download this free pack. Inside the archive, you will find 16 hi-res photos that will perfectly fit your latest blog posts or some informational sections of your website. The pack is highly recommended in case you’re already sick and tired of gallery.

Free Resume CV Template

Now let’s have a look at another type of freebies available at that’s the CV templates. Last autumn the popularity of this type of graphics design assets boomed heatedly, and all marketplaces were filled with myriads of paid and free CV templates. Even though some people think that paying for a CV somewhere around $5 is a robbery they just didn’t know they could get a set of CV layouts, as well as, several cover letter templates or even a minimal portfolio packed in one archive. Regarding this freebie, you will get a free CV template as well as a cover letter template. Both files are available as a PSD so you can open them in Photoshop and replace the sample data with your personal data.

December Bundle: Icons, posters and themes

Here comes the last item in our compilation of freebies, that’s the so-called December bundle. Inside this pack, you will find a set of Christmas icons, typography posters, and a Magento theme. Quite an interesting selection of design assets, still you can use them to add Christmas or the New Year spirit to your designs.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to bookmark our freebies section and come back from time to check on the new items added to our inventory, or you can just subscribe to MasterBundles updates so we could notify you via email of the latest premium deals and bundles added to our inventory.

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