Create Portfolio With Elementor Builder How-To Guide

Hey guys! Are you dreaming to run a personal creative blog, business website, photography, writing, or any other art project? You need a decent resource to showcase your creative content. You need to build a cool portfolio site to offer your products/services and engage your audience. If creating a portfolio seems challenging to you, read this post, it includes a step-by-step guide on how to create a portfolio site with Elementor Page Builder.

Besides, you can view a pretty explanatory video “Create and Style Portfolio with Elementor” and browse portfolio design templates that fit for it.

  1. Why Do You Need A Portfolio On Your WordPress Website – Introduction
  2. How To Build And Style Portfolio With Elementor (A Step-by-Step Guide)
  3. Top-5 Elementor WordPress Themes With Portfolio Support
    1. Tomi Solas
    2. Insightis
    3. Deco Depot
    4. La Palette
    5. FrameMe
  4. Wrapping Up

A Guide To Building and Styling Portfolio with Elementor

First of all, I would like to tell you that creating a fully responsive, professional portfolio does not necessarily require extensive coding skills. In other words, you may not worry if you are not one of those tech-savvy geeks. You will be able to build your portfolio like a pro.

What you do need for this, is a website equipped with Elementor Page Builder. Still don’t have the one? You can choose it from the list of stylish Elementor Themes.

Well, now, when you have all the necessary tools, proceed with:

Step-by-step guide on creating a portfolio:

  • First, you need to open up Elementor Editor and create a new section.
    Then go to Elements panel, use the Search bar to find Portfolio widget, and drag-n-drop it to a newly created section.
  • You’ll get a basic layout. You can fill it with images that you want to feature in your portfolio.
  • Have you finished to inhabit your layout? It’s time to start adjusting its look. Use the Portfolio module for the purpose.
  • Categorize every image. Show or hide it in the overlay. Change title and description according to your needs or paste a link to the image if needed.
  • Do you need to distinguish your images? Set multiple categories for them. This way visitors will be able to filter the pics.
  • Go to the Settings tab to select the Layout type. You can choose between masonry, justify, grid, and list types. Then choose the style of a preset. You will be able to edit it later.
  • Activate the View More Button option to lay some space aside.
  • You can change Items Margin if you need to reduce the gap between the images. Just go to the Style tab. Also, set Border Type and Radius along with Box Shadow if you need.
  • You can change the other settings including separator icons, style of container, items on the overlay, the order of the elements, and others at the Filters, Content, and More Button tabs.

OK, now you know how to start creating a portfolio with Elementor Page Builder. Now you may experiment with the settings and styles. With clear and super easy editor interface you will be able to create any configuration in no time.

Top-5 Elementor WordPress Themes With Portfolio Support

Tomi Solas

This trendy WordPress theme includes a variety of pages for all occasions. The author made the template perfect for your responsive portfolio. It will look great both on small and large screens. All images are delivered with the theme for free.

Tomi Solas


This cool minimalist theme will highlight the individuality of your company. It will suit marketing or creative agency to tell visitors about all benefits of your services. The theme is equipped with the JetThemeCore plugin (among many others). It allows to create custom-made headers and footers, use pre-designed ones and customize them according to your taste and needs.


Deco Depot

Use this theme to create your own top-notch furniture company website. Your visitors will love pastel colors of your website. Your content will stand out a mile against them. It is shipped with accurate documentation and 24/7 lifetime support.

Deco Depot

La Palette

The theme is incredibly graceful and laconic, suitable for a creative agency. JetBlock plugin makes it extra easy to add authorization links, hamburger panels, login forms and customize other elements. JetTabs, in turns, allows adding stylish tabs and accordion widgets with vertical and horizontal layouts and building content inside them using Elementor live page builder widgets.JetTricks is a brand-new plugin, specially developed to add attractive visual effects, including animation and parallax.



This theme is a practical solution for building a successful website for a photo studio. It has an amazing, highly responsive design. The template offers a wide range of customization options. You will be able to change the appearance of any website element you wish.


Wrapping Up

The goal of this article was to show the importance of having a portfolio. It is crucial not for creative pros only, but for any kinds of business projects as well. Launching a portfolio is a brilliant idea when it comes to a professional, eye-catching presentation of your services, artworks, and any other projects.

Build it into your web page and contribute to traffic increase and enhance users’ engagement.