Flyer templates for apartment rentals

Flyers templates for apartment rentals are quite different in look and feel from the various magazine and news-style themes that we are familiar with. What a flyer template for apartment rentals truly needs are sections with placeholders for photographs, description, and contact details. Other nice-to-have features include an ability to customize layouts or resize text.

Let’s take a look at the best flyers templates for apartment rentals. We’ve mostly picked out excellent free templates for you, but for those of you wouldn’t mind spending some money on your project, the websites we’ve listed also have paid templates.

Templates from boasts of some of the best professional-looking free flyer templates for apartment rentals. All you need is to sign up to their website, or sign in via your Facebook or Gmail account, and you’re good to go. Search their online marketplace of flyer templates for keywords like ‘rent’ or ‘rentals’ and choose the one that catches your fancy. The website offers handy tutorials for amateur designers, in case you’ve never done this kind of a thing in the past.

Once you’ve chosen your template, this is what a typical Canva design canvas looks like. On the left panel, there are options to customize layout, elements, text styles, etc. The main panel lets you add, delete or resize custom text. The background image that you see is customizable as well. You can also use free or paid stock images from their database, add artistic filters and create your own design. You can add as many pages as you like. It is very easy to copy the contents of the main page and customize the text, or you can work on a blank page. When you’re done designing, download a PDF version to your computer.

Design the Blue and white apartment building corporate flyer (see image below)


Also check out other great flyers from the website (click the headers for link to edit/design/download).

Blue minimalistic real estate flyer

This template is eye-catchy, minimalistic and professional-looking; conveys the message right across; has a single call to action (here, website URL), and is a great design for online posting.

Blue minimalistic real estate flyer

Comic style room for rent flyer

Comic style infographics are never out of style. This template lets you add and edit each clipart or component as per your requirements. Great for a student room ad.

Comic style room for rent flyer

Roommate wanted poster

This professional-looking roommate wanted pin-up template is just what you need to attract a partner for room sharing.

Roommate wanted poster

Templates from has a sweet collection of free flyers and templates that you can customize and save to your computer. Like Canva, PosterMyWall too requires you to sign up using your Gmail or Facebook account. You can also embed videos in your flyers. This is particularly useful when you plan to post your flyer online. Edit the template to your specifications; apply filters and tints as required; add multiple pages; and share your final flyer over social network. The website lets you save your design for free with a small watermark, or purchase without watermark.

This is what a typical PosterMyWall template editor looks like:


The above apartment rental template lets you add actual photographs of your apartment in a soft board pin-up style. You can move the pictures or bring the images at the back to the start. There is also a placeholder to add/generate a QR code for your ad. That way, you can hope to get interested parties to get in touch with you effectively. Head over to the template here.

Here are other good flyer templates from the same site (click the headers for link to edit/design/download).

Apartment rental poster template

This apartment rental poster template has one main background picture and two smaller picture bubbles. Apartment info and facilities are rather crisp and clear in the flyer. There’s a lot of room for any additional custom text. Ideal for a room share advert.

Apartment rental poster template

Apartment sale poster template

Although this is an apartment sale poster template, it can be reused as poster template for home rentals as well. It has placeholders for a main background image, and several smaller images. There is a divider with important features listed, and there’s a placeholder for a tagline for your ad.

Apartment sale poster template

Real Estate flyer template from has a number of flyer templates to choose from, but not that many for apartment rentals. We came across this classy 4” X 6” 300 dpi print-ready flyer which can be edited in Adobe Photoshop. It features a cityscape with a high-rise tower; divider with key information; panels for text/description; and footer with website information. You can download a royalty-free PSD file on to your computer. The file is fully layered; has guides and crop marks area; is color-coded and structured; and has a unique cover for a Facebook page. Head over to and click on the Download button to download the flyer template.

Real Estate flyer template

Real estate template from

This is a good professional, clean 4” x 6” 300 dpi flyer template with placeholder for one main image and up to six smaller images structured in a classy V pattern. The template is perfect for a family apartment let and can be used by agencies and landlords alike. Like the previous template, this one too has color coded groups and organized layers, and is editable in Adobe Photoshop. Download the PSD template here.

Real estate template

All the above templates are highly customizable, and we recommend that you take advantage of the same. Ensure to have high quality images of your apartment, including surrounding areas. Make sure you list the important features of your property.