How to set up Google shopping campaigns – tips of google shopping campaign

How to set up Google shopping campaigns - tips of google shopping campaign

Google recently announced that current google shopping product ad format will be replaced by google shopping campaigns. Now the google shopping campaigns are currently in beta. This shopping campaign helps to connect with consumers and allows promoting the products online.  It give users access to inventory and product information directly in Adwords.

How to setup:

Analyze the difference between product listing ads and google shopping campaign

Both google shopping campaign and product listing ads displays products from advertiser based on product ad groups in Adwords. After finding the advertisers starts creating the groups by selecting inventory attribute. Using data feed advertisers send the information to google. Then they use this to identify products for ad groups.

Inventory format: Before sending the latest inventory file to google consider these two factors like

  • Select your custom labels clearly and carefully
  • Remind properly that you will be having only one custom label per column.

Campaign structure: This is very important and just follows these practices

  • Give a glance on product group structure carefully beforehand.
  • Make sure that custom labels reflect the product groups which you want to create.
  • For structuring the google shopping campaign use analytics data and present PLA campaigns.

Make use of shopping campaign tools: A new advertiser tools are updated by google for shopping campaigns. Test the ads by using those tools.

Multiple ad groups: Create all products, sub products and product group based on inventory data.

Bid simulator: Suppose if your corresponding bids a high it will show you that how many impressions you need to lose and what will be the difference in cost.

CPC and impression share: It will highlight the competitor data which helps you in optimizing the bids.

Shopping campaigns allows you to test some of the existing optimizations like dayparting, mobile traffic and geo-targeting.

Optimization tips.

Google trusted store: Google store get a special distinction in the SERPS. This will be having power of increasing the conversion rates and click through rates.

While creating the product feed use Adwords labels: Advanced use of labels may include in marking the low cost product within a category. Including of labels mark you to high margin products, this leads you in bidding more aggressively on the items.

Are you low cost player then shop competitor prices constantly: Price is the biggest motivator? Google now started showing these results more. This make easier for shoppers to compare with prices.

Use publish adwords label: As the season goes some of the products become un profitable than others based on conversion rate and click costs. Pull out constantly that products and add back them into your data feed.

Good product images: Using good product images may scale well. Google starts scaling down your thumbnail images and placing the quality images in top of the result pages. So choose the better photos that look good even though they scaled down to small size.