How to Design a Website That Stands Out

Every web designer wants their websites to stand out. Over the years, as they refine their skills and develop their craft, web designers will develop their own style and their own unique approach to web design.

But finding your own individual sweet spot isn’t always easy. While you are still finding your feet, it can help to have some guidance or at least an idea of where and when you should experiment.

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Royalty Free Photo

The following web design tips are things that anyone can implement, or at least use as inspiration when finding their own unique approach to web design. You can either use these ideas as they are, or you can riff on them and give them your own individual spin.

Layout and Structure

Layout and structure are areas where you probably want to stick to the established norms, for the most part anyway. It’s not difficult to formulate your own esoteric website layout, but ideally, you want the experience for users to be as straightforward as possible.

If they can navigate your website in the same way that they can navigate the other websites that they are used to, they are much more likely to stick with you.

There may be some circumstances where a unique or novel layout can work really well, so feel free to experiment. However, be aware that if there is a learning curve to your website then you’ll have to work extra hard to justify it.

Work With a Professional if You Need to

If you need to produce your website on a budget, then it is usually a good idea to work with a professional web designer. A professional web designer will bring a lot to the table, things that no amount of prior research is going to replicate.

If you think that will lead to a better website ultimately, then you should work with a professional web design Belfast business.


Is perhaps the most obvious way of making a website stand out. Of course, if you are producing the website on someone else’s behalf, you will need to work within their branding guidelines. How restrictive these are depends entirely on who you are building the website for.

If you own the website, then you will have a lot more freedom and will be able to let your imagination run wild. While unique and easily identifiable branding is definitely a good thing, you don’t want your website to be too outlandish.

Branding is about more than just looking good; it should also convey something about what your business is and what it does.

If you don’t have any prior experience with branding, you will want to take some time beforehand to look into the basic principles of branding. Again, you might want to think about bringing a professional web designer in if they have experience with branding.

Designing a standout website that works is all about striking a balance between your personal flair and the expectations of your visitors. In order to design a unique website, you need to know who your target audience is and how best to reach them.