How to Improve Your Company’s Digital Footprint with Top-Rated Consulting HTML Templates

Consulting of all possible types is a constantly growing industry worldwide. Its global revenues from all the possible business niches like IT, technical, HR, management, advisory services, etc. estimated about $500 billion last year (source: Plunkett Research). What is more interesting, India is a top performer in this industry. Most of the firms have an appealing digital presence. Clients can reach their service worldwide. All the major business giants always ask for consultancy to grow their income, improve business strategies, or to solve an important issue. So, if you have a consulting company without a gorgeous website, it’s high time to scratch head over this issue.

Undeniable Must-Haves for a Consulting-Dedicated Website

Setting up an aesthetically pleasing website is easy as pie. It’s a time-effective. It’s effortless. It doesn’t require coding skills and knowledge. It’s fast and cheap. Yes, you heard right. It really won’t you cost an arm and a leg if you build your business website on ready-to-use website templates. In addition to a thoroughly constructed website mockup with a clean and optimized code, you will get unlimited possibilities to transform this pre-made layout into your dream service. If you are a beginner in the field of a website development process, take into account the following requirements your consulting site has to meet:

  • An intuitive roadmap. It is no question that a consulting website has to be authentically pleasing, but its usability plays a more important role. Remember that while ranking Google takes into account both site’s content and structure.
  • A logical navigation. Assure yourself that your site is enough understandable. Do not overwhelm it with illogical elements like uncommon names for such basic pages as Contacts, About, FAQ, and others.
  • A responsive design. Today it’s important to make your web presence mobile friendly because a huge amount of web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Why lose potential clients because of irresponsive design?
  • A clear and constant connection with users. Consider that people always have tons of questions, especially if you provide consulting services. Your site must have a user-friendly Contact form, a comprehensive FAQ page, an accurate and reliable About page, etc.

This list can be considerably longer.

However, with carefully pre-made HTML website templates you can take advantage of the fully equipped package for running a feature-rich digital venture. Besides, there are hundreds of premium layouts available for you – from business templates to consulting website templates.

If you’re about to establish your consulting agency on the web and attract huge traffic, take a closer look at 5 amazing fully-fledged website templates with the examples of real sites.

ConsultBiz – Multipage Template with a Classic Design

ConsultBiz Multipage HTML Template

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Where do people go for info? Of course, the internet is one of the most powerful and richest sources of information. When a consulting company has a reliable, optimized, and up-to-date online presence, you can be sure that your business will be noticed on the web. It gives a great chance to flourish. With ConsultBiz template, it’s possible to modernize an existing site or to run a new one without titanic effort. The template based on the clean HTML code meets the latest web trends and features:

  • Bootstrap framework inside;
  • a well-thought website roadmap;
  • a trustful, neutral design suitable for business niches;
  • extensive blog options to post updates and important content.

FinPRO – a Smart Solution for Financial Services

Financial Advisor Multipage HTML Template with Novi builder

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Your business can stand out from the crowd and get the highest ranking on the Google search result page with such a professionally crafted website template as FinPRO. Its overall appearance as well as navigation and interface absolutely correspond to the modern web standards. If you want to provide website visitors with diverse business consulting services, this template includes all the necessary options and tools to cater to your specific needs. Let’s enumerate them:

  • handy visual content editor;
  • a plethora of various web pages;
  • social media options integrated;
  • an extensive pack of gallery layouts.

Legalor – Trustworthy Sleek Website Template for a Law Company

Law Responsive HTML Theme

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Zemez website developers have presented one more business website template suitable for consulting needs. Legalor contains 15 unique ready-made HTML5 pages which are necessary for building a fully-fledged website (About, News, Services, etc.). You can take benefits of using legal-related quality images which go with the template for free. Moreover, Legalor is a fully responsive mockup which will flow impeccably on any screen size. Thanks to a huge set of useful elements like widgets and blocks, you won’t have difficulty creating a well-structured interface and robust navigation. It’s possible to change a color scheme and typography components with a click.

  • built with Bootstrap 4;
  • Parallax animation to provide 2D visual effects;
  • a bulk of widgets to enrich a site functionality;
  • suitable for all major browser.

If you hesitate whether this premium template is worth its money, take a look at the existing website that has been built on Legalor. Frederick is a brilliant example of how an affordable HTML5 template can become a working yet eye-pleasing consulting website. The site offers a polished overall look, perfect performance, and easy navigation with all the needed pages for providing a comfortable legal service.

Easy Audit – User-Oriented Multipage HTML Template

Consulting Site Template

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This stylish website template will satisfy even the most sophisticated client. Easy Audit includes more than 200 HTML pages for all occasions. Such an extensive pack allows an owner to create a multipage website without effort and in a matter of several hours. With no doubt, the template includes all the needed options to make the user experience on your site comfortable and impeccable. You can offer your clients to leave reviews on your site and keep them updated with your company’s news. With Appointment Manager extension, it’s possible to manage your appointments, create private/business schedules, and simplify your

  • timely updates for nothing;
  • a set of 35+ ready-made pages;
  • a variety of blog layouts: classic, grid, line, masonry, etc.;
  • different gallery types.

Prosperity – a Multipage HTML5 Solution for a Banking Website

Your bank will shine on the web using this responsive multipage template. Based on the modern HTML5 technology, Prosperity can be easily turned into a reliable, professionally looking and impeccably functioning business website. With its multiple customizable features, your banking website will work perfectly. Your customers will appreciate a handy, intuitive interface and robust navigation. Furthermore, you can take advantage of changing the look of your website with a click. The template includes thousands of web fonts, different color schemes, and a bulk of widgets needed to improve your site performance.

  • web forms like search, contacts, etc.;
  • SEO-friendly code;
  • additional pages for different needs;
  • English-speaking support.

Bulgarian accounting service boasts a sleek looking business website based on Prosperity template and named ZaraConsult. Make sure that you also can set up an efficient digital service with the help of this rich layout. The site has multiple pages, an intuitive search box, Multilanguage support, and pixel-perfect graphics.

Bottoms up

Consulting businesses require a specific presence on the web: reliable, comfortable, and comprehensive. These website templates allow owners to create a feature-rich business card on the web which will provide them with organic traffic. Thanks to the absolutely clear code and multiple ways to customize the template, it’s possible to improve your company’s online service and ensure your customers experience on the site. The examples of current websites described above prove that everything is possible.