Kick-Start Online Businesses with best & reliable Crowdfunding Sites 2013

If you are looking for an exceptional looking framework to extend capital and take your online business venture a step ahead of other competitors, then take a look at the information below for reference.

Selecting a framework is one of the essential and most difficult part to get well-known online, but here we provide you with the crowd-funding websites that help you with different, unique, trendy, professional looking elegant frameworks.

Here we present you the listings of some trustworthy, highly established credential crowd funding websites for your projects.

In 2011, President Obama has signed up the first ever trend in crowdfunding via internet the JOBS act since 1929 giving small business or private business startups a kick-start to legally and officially  raise capital from public by offering a share in their stocks up to $1 million annually to get their crowd-funding business venture online.

Online crowd funding Businesses now supports and offers their investors with equity or stocks, debenture bonds, share in revenue bonds raised through online advertisements and solicitations.

However, beware of getting scammed and cheated by bogus funding websites and institutions as it is all about money and capital. Choose wisely!!

Kickstarter_website as the name clearly implies is devoted for starter business ventures be it imaginative or innovative gaming, technology, entertainment or art everything is brought to life with immense support and less risks.

crowd 2 is the very best yet reliable crowd funding online website established by Slava Rubin which was credited with Crunchie finalist for 2013’s “Biggest Social Impact”. mission statement itself states the website provides an opportunity for everyone all across the world to raise millions of dollars with no fee or application process.

crowd 3 is established in 2011 by James Beshara in 2011 to allow groups to pool funds for objectives in a simple, social, and frictionless way online.


crowd 4

AngelList one of the leading crowd-funding business website has been established by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, that connects startups with a roster of high-profile investors and entrepreneurs.


crowd 5

WeFounder established by Mike Norman and Nick Tommarello is another great opportunity to invest in for immense profits.


crowd 6

MicroVentures has been established by William Clark, the President and founder of this Austin based firm offering investors to invest small amounts of capital similar to peer to peer lending but as a substitute of debt you get equity for your investment.


crowd 7

40Billion has been established by Yale & MIT grad in 2008, to promote “loans and gifts” in which entrepreneurs or business are given points on sign up.


crowd 8

RocketHub is here to help the creative business attain their targeted aims with capital to have a direct impact on how and if a project is completed.   The list goes on there are endless other crowd-funding website to rely on like the e-bubble and others. So have a look and achieve your dreams with endless possibilities with least of hassles.

Go Fund Me


Are your hunting for a perfect crowd-funding website to fund and raise your profits??? No more hitches, GoFundMe is the best fundraising website that you can rely on that is all about donating with great support to donate almost everything.

Go Fund Me comes loaded with beautifully organized theme unleashing easily understandable widgets, social media integration, multiple donation pages and more to spread and communicate the information effectively. Go Fund Me website takes 5% from each donation made with charge fees ranging from 2.9+% to 3.5% using WePay or PayPal hence the total donation you receive.



Razoo is another best crowd-funding website that has raised more than $97,000,000 with four different fundraising categories including Nonprofits, Individuals, Corporations, and Foundations sections with special benefits accompanied. Razoo is the one a fundraiser should definitely look into spread the word about your projects effectively suing the social media integration, or using the donation section and lots more. Razoo is known for its extremely flat charges as low as just 2.9% of your total fund including credit card fees.



Crowdrise is here to deal with real world issues for animal welfare, arts, cultures, diseases, education, and even religion, to be more precise Crowdrise is a platform devoted to raise money for charities or NGO’s.

However, Crowdrise is for personal use as well, where the fundraiser could raise funds for personal activities like birthdays, weddings, or even college projects. More you donate the more CrowdRise Points you gain, more the CrowdRise Points more your project makes impacts to the world leading to more reputation and popularity of your project. Cowdrise charges flat 4.95% for the profit fundraising; however for charity organizations choose from a free, or go for $199 monthly fee.

Pledge Music


Pledge Music is completely dedicated to bring in new talent into music industry supporting a digital download of the artist-produced music album Pledge Music is a serious exception where its design layout looks amazingly outstanding, pixel perfect, looks persuasive and intuitive.

PledgeMusic charges 15% you raise, thus the more fund you vow, the richer the rewards you reap, while the lowest pledge fundraisers will also get a reward.



Sellaband has been introduced to the market in 2006 that has funded over $4,000,000 funded to music bands accompanied with coordinated recording sessions of more than 80 music artists offering 100% freedom to create your own music album without any label, management company, or publisher limitations or restrictions.

This Sellaband crowdfunding website theme is just perfect to use or create any music with blog page, biography page, display photos and videos.

Sellaband charges 15% to support their full-time working assistants however, all the Sellaband artists are offered special discounted prices for professional third-party solution services, such as promotion and CD printing which makes this crowd-funding website stand out from others in the competition.



Appbackr is an app for mobile device users offering you with all the amenities to let fundraisers fund the apps that are currently on sale or in the stage of development, but backers could earn back their money by backing the app!

To be more precise, Appbackr will handle the entire trade process and is all about buying the app you like from the app listings with lower price, and the money you paid will be put down to fund the app or its development. Once the app is eventually sold and makes it earnings at the app store, Appbackr will pay you back with the improved sales price of the app.  Appbackr takes some amount out of your fund to run business depending on your app price, and several other factors.



Crowdfunder with its attractive and crowd-pulling strategy has a startup contest held for startup or small businesses to raise funds by selling revenue-based securities, equity, and debts where the website visitors vote their favorite company to invest in the company by adding company details to the site.The top 10 best startups winner will get up to $500,000 in funding thus more crowd-funding results are achieved.