Novi Membership – HTML Drag and Drop Builder You Will Love!

Time does not stand still. Web-design also goes with the times. Actually, it is completely impossible to stop improving and changing when everything undergoes alterations. The same thing can be said when it comes to ready-made solutions. Those people who make an attempt to keep track of their developments might have already noticed one interesting detail about HTML templates. A great part of them includes Novi Builder these days. We cannot afford ourselves to stand back. For this reason, we have prepared an article which allows getting familiar with this drag-and-drop builder, its main characteristics and advantages. Yet everybody knows that there is no present without the past. So, let us come back to the very beginning…

At the Start of the New Digital Era

Let us imagine that we have a time machine like TARDIS that allows traveling through time and space. In such a case, we would have had a chance to visit the year 2016 and witness this significant moment when web-developers came up with an idea to create a drag-and-drop builder. A builder that provides its users with an intuitive interface that can be used by both non-techies and experienced programmers. The Novi team also decided to make a major contribution to the development of drag-and-drop functionality. They made an investigation of different trends in the contemporary market in order to find out which features are highly liked or anticipated by web-users.

Back in 2016, most of the people could not even dream about having something like a drag-and-drop builder – in other words, no one could not even think about having the opportunity to drag the chosen element and drop it on the chosen location on the page. Everything has changed. The Novi team spent four months in order to create their innovative builder and introduce it to the Internet masses. Yet it was important to make even more alterations in terms of the general functionality and strategy of the builder. In 2017, the world met the first stable release of Novi Builder. Nowadays, it is constantly updated with multiple tools and features.

Everything You Should Take into Consideration

Novi Builder is one of the best options that allows assembling your future online-project from various pre-made blocks. It also makes it possible to edit your content in a visual manner.

In general, Novi Builder is considered to be a B2B/B2C online-platform.

  1. B2B stands for a connection with customers who are interested in creating their unique templates and providing web-development email marketing services.
  2. B2C stands for a connection with end-users who buy ready-made website templates and launch their own websites.

Novi Builder is all about a connection between end-users and business. You will get a chance to work with a bunch of services in terms of development, customization, and support of HTML templates (variety of categories, as example: real estate website templates). In addition to this, you will be provided with a large number of tools that allow implementing different ideas of end-users into life.

  • Managing Pages

Page Manager makes it easier to edit, create, delete, and manage different settings of your pages. As an example, you will need to click only once in order to open the existing pages or to create a one. A context menu gives a chance to experience some additional actions.

  • Different Modes for Different Task

To cut a long story short, there are three modes that Novi Builder provides its users with. You can use from Preview, Edit, and Design modes.

Preview Mode is capable of showing you the intermediate results – thanks to this mode, it is possible to understand whether you have made some mistakes in design and decide if your online-project needs to be changed a little bit.

Edit Mode is your opportunity to edit your content in a visual mode – each of the website elements, including texts, images, headers, and other components can be changed in the easiest manner ever. It is also possible to add, move, and delete elements from the chosen sections.

Design Mode is created for web-developers who want to get access to the level of layers and start working with the source code.

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  • Tools for Developers

Novi Builder comes together with a large number of developer tools. By means of HTML, CSS, and JS editor, you can edit the source code without any problems. In addition to this, you will get an excellent Preset Manager. First of all, you choose the element in the workspace – then, you need to click Save as Preset (it is located in the context menu). As you can understand, everything is pretty simple. While working with your following project, you just need to drag the existing preset to your pages.

  • Instant Publishing

The instant publication functionality makes possible to keep the version of your website up-to-date. All you need to do is to click Publish Site. After a few seconds, your online-project will be published on the server. There are also Configuration and Publication Path options that are included to change the path of the publication.


More Features to Take Advantage of?


  • Change Resolution – to change the workspace size;

  • Settings – to start working with various settings of pages or website itself;

  • Download Template – to download your tailor-made template, sell it to your customers or use it on some other devices.

The Full List of Benefits

  • Page Settings;
  • Page Manager;
  • Text Editor;
  • Code Editor;
  • Context Menu;
  • Configuration (Layer Tool);
  • Content Editor (Basic Tool);
  • Drag-and-Drop Tool;
  • Presets Tool;
  • Media Library;
  • Icons Manager;
  • Resolution Preview Tool;
  • Design Mode;
  • Edit Mode;
  • Preview Mode;
  • Export;
  • Import.

A Few Words about Novi Membership

Novi Membership gives access not only to Novi Builder itself. It also gives a chance to take advantage of various additional plugins (including a slider, social plugins, Google Maps, countdown, contact form, and others), and HTML templates for the most popular topics and niches. In our opinion, the prices are pretty affordable, but we are not going to decide everything instead of you.

In general, there are three types of membership that you can choose from:

  1. Startup – $29 per year
  2. Advanced – $49 per year
  3. Developer – $149 per year

If you want to find out more about them, take a look at the table presented below.

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Is There Any Difference Between Novi and HTML Builder?

Novi BuilderHTML Builder
Stylized text (bold, color, italics, and others)YESYES
Tools for designersYESNO
Multiple pages creationYESYES
Project backupYESNO
Responsive DesignYESYES
Page PreviewYESNO
Search block by categories/contents/nameYESYES
Grid setupYESNO
Edit URLsUser PluginYES
Slider setupUser PluginNO
Map setupUser PluginNO
Contact Form setupUser PluginNO
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook setupUser PluginNO
Accordion setupYESNO
Navigation SetupYESYES
Add/Remove elements (widgets)YESNO
Add/Remove blocks (sections)YESYES

Download Novi

Almost forgot to say that you can try Novi Builder absolutely for free in order to understand how everything works. In general, we are not going to say that you need to choose exactly this drag-and-drop builder and forget about others. It will be complete incompetence. You may be impressed with its number of instruments but not satisfied with a price. Yet we really hope that some of you have found this article useful in making their decision. Thanks for reading!