Top 10 Best Useful Drupal Modules 2013

Starting out with Drupal???

Confused and perplexed, with literally thousands of modules stocked out online to choose from.

There is a lot of face lifting that needs to be done before Drupal is presentable in a simple, easy-to-learn way, set up sites using these Drupal modules and enjoy.

Below, you’ll find Top 10 Best Useful Drupal Modules 2013 that will strive to extend the core installation in order to make content management easier for site owners, developers, and designers.

We have collected 10 top best essential and productive free and premium Drupal modules to help you build sophisticated Drupal websites where we have included information about each module, and if interested you will find everything you need on its page.

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LoginTobaggan is another resourceful, handy yet effective Drupal module that provides myriad useful user features allowing users to login to your site with their email address or their username.

Besides, can make alterations to allow for various other options like allowing people to sign in automatically or choose their password instantly while signing up.

Admin Menu




Admin Menu is a perfect yet must to have Drupal module choice for admins/developers to quickly navigate various parts of the site.

This Admin Menu module clocks in an ‘inline context editor’ which is very handy tool that facilitates easy moving of blocks around that have been set by Context. Navigate through the menu options faster.

Backup & Migrate




Backup & Migrate is one of the best of best Drupal modules 2013. This utility module simplifies work for all developers and site owners the task of backing up and restoring database.

This Backup & Migrate dupal module helps you easily dump the sites database minus cache tables, great for migrating the site across environments, scheduled backups that run on cron runs besides supporting gzip, bzip and zip compression as well as automatic scheduled backups.







Here we present you another fantastic drupal module – Webform  module more suitable solution than creating content types to make surveys in Drupal where  users may be sent an e-mail “receipt” as well as sending a notification to administrators after a submission and pertaining results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

This amazing Drupal Webform module also provides some basic statistical review and has and extensive API for expanding its features like contests, personalized contact forms, or petitions.










Most of us have experienced CAPTCHA drupla module – a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human.

The main intention of integrating CAPTCHA module  is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts that post spam content everywhere they can.

CKEditor – WYSIWYG HTML editor

CKEditor is another fantabulous and useful tool to be implemented in to your website for a more functional layout formatting including basic and advanced styling, real block quoting, colors, advanced paste from word, advanced linking, e-mail linking and many more.

This drupal HTML text editor module allows Drupal to replace textarea fields faster (the code has been optimized), loads faster (the number of files has been reduced, so the browser will perform less HTTP requests) and developers friendly, bringing in many of the powerful WYSIWYG editing functions of known desktop editors like Word to the web.

Google Analytics





Google Analytics is one of the most important and essential drupal modules to be integrated on to any and every Drupal based website to embed an automatic web statistics tracking system running on your blog/site.

The module allows you to add single/multi/cross domain tracking, selectively track/exclude certain users, roles and pages, monitor type of links, monitor files downloaded from your page, custom variables support with token, custom code snippets, Site Search support, AdSense support, anonymize visitors IP address and much more.

Highly recommended Drupal module!!!






Hacked is another functional and truly resourceful Drupal module that does not or will completely prevent your site from being ‘hacked, but rather helps you scan the installed Drupal, contributed modules and themes, re-downloads them and determines if they have been changed.

If any changes are cited, the changes are marked clearly where Hacked midule will allow you to see the exact lines that have changed. Besides this module is integrated with so that you can see what files have changed from the command line.





Colorbox is another great Drupal module that is light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin that integrates well with Imagefield, Imagecache and Insert modules.

This drupal module supports images, image groups, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content, appearance is controlled through CSS so users can restyle the box, preloads background images and can preload upcoming images in a photo group and many more handy features to help you build a solid and constructive website/blog all the way.

Quick tabs





The Quick Tabs are another great, productive yet super awesome drupal module that facilitates you to create block on your site containing multiple tabs with corresponding content specifically views, blocks, nodes and other quicktabs.