Top 10 responsive themes for WordPress 3.5

AUTOPORTAL 3.5 WordPress responsive theme



Ideal for body shop, car websites and auto shops, Autoportal is clean, elegant and highly responsive WP theme. This WP 3.5 ready theme is built using the latest technology available in the market. It comes in a range of packages and can be purchased as per the clients business requirements and budget constraints. It comes with an instructional guide that acts as a step-by-step guide to install, edit and maintain the business site or blog. Download a free sample to check how it works before you decide to purchase it.

OUR WORK 3.5 WordPress responsive theme



Our Work, is a clean, simple and professional WP theme developed for business purpose. Its ideal for consulting firms, marketing and sales agencies and management firms. The white background with colorful bright patterns makes it a beautiful, stylish and modern theme. The cherry framework, on which the theme is built, offers huge benefits for both the users and their clients.

CHARITY 3.5 WordPress responsive theme



Built on the powerful bootstrap cherry framework, Charity is a clean, elegant, minimalist and highly responsive WP theme that is developed specially for NGO’s and various other web based charity organizations. Its uniquely designed with the photos of smiling kids and helping hands that will, without a doubt, help in capturing the attention of the visitors, which in turn would cause them to pay attention to and help the deserving individuals. The various plug-ins especially the Twitter social media button helps in spreading the awareness among mass audiences. All in all its a perfect theme for charitable trusts.

CARS & MOTORS 3.5 WordPress responsive theme



Cars & motors is yet another clean, simple, minimalist and responsive WP theme that is developed specially for websites that deals with cars, auto shops and other car parts related websites. Its white background helps depict the images of the automobile clearly and beautifully. The powerful cherry framework helps greatly in creating and managing the site efficiently. The admin panel comes with loads of option that allows the users to customize the site as and how they require.

RESEARCH WordPress 3.5 responsive theme



Research is a clean, elegant, stylish, modern, and responsive WP 3.5 ready theme. Its built on the powerful bootstrap cherry framework that comes with great features and advantages for both the users and their clients. The impressive features of the theme helps the users to create a site that shows their seriousness towards their business. The most remarkable feature of the Research WP theme is its responsive nature, which allows it be easily accessible on multiple devices.

STRATEGY WordPress 3.5 responsive theme



Strategy is a highly responsive and elegant WP theme that is ideal for business related to finance and management. Its a WP 3.5 ready theme that is built on the latest technology and the famous bootstrap cherry framework. Its responsive theme helps the visitors or clients to access the website/blog on multiple devices. Its compatible on all the major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE8, IE9 and Opera and works perfectly well on all the latest OS.

MAJESTIC WordPress 3.5 responsive theme



One look at the Majestic WP 3.5 ready theme and you would love the way it is designed and presented. Built on the powerful and robust bootstrap cherry framework, it brings along with it numerous benefits for both the users and the clients or visitors. This 2 columned theme consists of a powerful admin panel that offers endless options to its users to design and maintain a beautiful website. Its definitely worth a try and we bet you would never regret purchasing it.

QUEDER WordPress 3.5 responsive theme



Queder is a very simple, clean, minimalist, elegant and fully responsive WP 3.5 ready theme. Its an ideal theme for consulting firms that provides services in various streams including IT sector, political stream and the like. Its look and design would undoubtedly be a visual treat for the visitors and turn them into your prospective clients. Its impressive features aids its users in creating a powerful business site that will act as a platform for propelling their business to greater heights.

CATS WordPress 3.5 responsive theme



The moment you look at the Cats WP 3.5 ready theme, you would definitely fall in love with its color schemes, beautiful designs and powerful options. Its a 2 column theme that is apt for blogging purpose. Its highly responsive design helps in accessing the site or blog from multiple devices including iPhone, iPod, Smart Phones Tablets, Desktops and so on. The Cat WP theme comes with a well documented instructional guide that helps in easy installation and maintenance.

ALLIANCE WordPress 3.5 responsive theme



Alliance is a professional, elegant, clean and modern WP 3.5 ready theme that is ideal for private advocates, law house and other firms that deals with various law related activities. Its built on the robust and powerful bootstrap cherry framework that has loads of benefits associated with it. The social media plugins adds on to the many advantages of the theme. It also consists of the email newsletter widgets that contributes in building a network of clients. Try it to believe it.