Top 15 Best Drupal CMS Powered Websites 2013

Drupal is one of the most reputed and hot selling platform for rapid website assembly enormously scalable, freely extensible, besides being completely an open source software package.

Moreover, the Drupal CMS is multi-user CMS by default allowing fine-grained controls, social media integration, and flexibility to deploy multiple sites, high security standards, and many more, giving the designers a free rein to create amazingly high usable, interactive experiences to visitors.

There are numerous most visited, biggest, most visible, highest trafficked websites all across the world built on Drupal CMS framework.

Here in this blog posting we endeavor to prove a point that Drupal is more versatile and more exciting with top 15 best Drupal websites 2013 listing covering various industries, domains and professions.

The list is not in any order, all are my hot favorite. Have a look!!!!


Emmy is a one of the best of best and highly trafficked website built on Drupal CMS, focused on entertainment to showcase television production awards for News & Documentary, Sports, Daytime Entertainment, Daytime Creative Arts & Entertainment, Public & Community Service, Technology & Engineering, and Business & Financial Reporting and more.

This Drupal based website is all built in blue with elegant menu tabs, Emmy statuette, room for slideshow with navigational buttons, featured images, galleries, videos, photos and much more organized in a well-ordered and controlled layout.

Tour the website and know more!!!!

Warner Bros

Warner Bros Record is one of the top recording labels in the world i.e. yet one of the top Drupal based website.

This Drupal based website is constructed across a dark background highlighting all the draw attention to work in an exceptional and fantabulous way.

The menu tabs are just simple, clean and easy to navigate; landing pages are super awesome followed simplicity scattered all over.

A highly recommended Drupal website to get inspired!!!

The White House

The White House today is one of the most famous houses in the Western World, a Drupal-based website that enables the American people to directly petition the President of the United States on issues they care most about.

With the popularity and reputation of after its launch on Drupal, two years later, the White House launched We the People on Drupal, a big step forward for Open Government encouraging grassroots citizen engagement all the way.

Thus, it clearly understood that Drupal can make wonders and has the power to rule/aid/understand people online!!! Hats off!!!

Prime Minister of Australia

Prime Minister of Australia as the name hints is the Drupal CMS powered website devoted to highest minister of the crown, the most powerful political office in Australia.

It’s quiet clear from the picture where Drupal CMS stands and operates such a prestigious and highly respectable website. The website looks professional, elegant featuring videos, blog, photos, contact PM, press office and more all across the business color blue background.

Needless to say, I’m delighted to see Open Source Drupal changing the world in a positive, powerful way.

Take a look at the website. Hope you like it!


Louvre is one of the world’s largest, most visited art museums in the world, while Louvre website is so, designed one of the amazing CMS framework the Drupal. Drupal CMS is truly an awe-inspiring and super awesome content management system to be integrated in any website/blog domain.

The website has a well-designed and neat layout, well organized features/content/work/photos/galleries without compromising on a dash of modernity and artsy.


Zynga proves Drupal CMS framework isn’t just only for work, but for play and fun as well. A terrific example of Drupal CMS being used in the entertainment industry without compromising on any layout, look or feel aspects of the website.

The layout of the Zynga is very interactive and entertaining, a simple slideshow does all for Zynga, navigate the slider play the game you like to.

Play unlimited games, you just play, play and play.

While, the Zynga blog provides you with all the latest news, feeds and articles pertaining to Zynga games and industry.

Informative and entertaining Drupal based website all the way!!!!


MTV is a hot favorite American cable television channel to play awesome music videos guided by VJs targeted at adolescents and youngsters.

This Drupal CMS based Website is amazingly amazing designed in a very entertaining and contemporary way to make all the youngsters or all ages to stick to the website for information o music, shows, news, videos, movies, galleries, competitions, games, downloads , style and more.

The website is just sparkly, classy and elegant. Visit the site to learn how to create trendy modern websites using Drupal!!!!

Crosby Stills Nash

A folk rock superstar group noted for their intricate vocal harmonies is what this Drupal powered website deals with.

A grunge layout with amazing featured flash/banner images  of the band rolling over the website forms the main highlight, while the social media integration, photo gallery at the header, integrated search option makes the website standout of the usual websites.

There are many ugly and tedious Drupal sites out there because of lazy & lousy developers and designers.

Take this website as an inspiration and a proof to build beautiful websites using Drupal.


Here we present you another top best Drupal CMS based website – Michael the title reveals everything that this Drupal based website talks and works completely for the music legend Jackson’s work and collection.

An ultimate website with great layout and feel to make all the music lovers, visitors and Jackson’s huge fan following, addict and stick to the website.

It’s easy now to create amazing website loaded with resourceful, informative and functional concepts with Drupal CMS.

Battlefield Heroes

Drupal is again here to show it is a versatile open source CMS system to suit any domain website/blog on the go.

The Drupal CMS used in this cartoon style action video gaming website is designed in a very constructive yet responsive way for game lovers to accept the site at ease.

The comic background with elegant menu tabs, aptly located login tabs, stocks buy now products with deal of the day option with timer, social media integration, articles, makes the website complete.

Visit the website now!!!

Antwerpen Studentenstad

Here I present you my personal hot favorite website made using Drupal CMS the Antwerpen Studentenstad website.

A cool website designed using the rocking CMS Drupal, I just love the layout of this website that is designed in an eye- catchy and appealing way with well positioned tabs at all places.

The blend of colors and combinations used is praise worthy across the dark black background detailing your work in more dynamically.

Want some more???? Visit the website and feel the excitement.

Twitter Developer Community

One of the most reputed and hottest social networking service- Twitter’s developer community lives and breathes on Drupal! Isn’t a big deal????

As Drupal handles big communities well, Twitter, through Drupal, is creating the right environment.

Drupal is all over every website, small to big, any domain, every domain. No comments. Check it out!!! Switch to Drupal!!!!


BODY BIKE’s website is devoted to indoor bikes that could meet the demands of the cyclists and their increasingly popular sport.

A well designed and organized Drupal CMS based website with products ranging from  Basic, Classic, Classic Stainless Steel, Classic Supreme and Magic, wide selection of high-quality accessories including a broad assortment of saddles and pedals and many more are stocked in a productive and enriched web environment with Drupal.

The distinctive and revolutionary design feature makes BODY BIKE Indoor Cycles stand out from the crowd!!!

Design while we sleep

Design While We sleep is one of my personal website constructed using the CMS the great –Drupal.

The website design, look, feel, appearance, functions, and very aspect are all simply super awesome, incredibly sober, amazingly designed keeping simplicity in mind. Trust me, a cool website that delivers the subject of the whole website in so less words and images scrolling across the web in an awe-inspiring way.

A great website layout I have ever come across!!!! Highly recommended!!!! Do visit!!!

Image media

ImageX is another best Drupal website that looks great, easy to use, speedy and simple website with super hero Drupal CMS on its side.

Using the same super hero Drupal the Image Media website designs outstanding website designs, features to navigation, from copywriting to typography and design to provide an overwhelmingly positive experience from the first click to the last suing Drupal.

A beautiful website place for everything with everything in its place, all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

Drupal has yet again proven itself as one content management solution!!!