Top 15 Best Textpattern CMS Powered Websites 2013

Textpattern CMS is a readymade for content publishers, developers and designers — whether for a corporation or for your own blog, Textpattern allows you to Just Write and publish in minutes.

When you wish, alter the layout of your site, adjust the built-in tags to determine how content should be retrieved and displayed, have complete control over both content and presentation, making Textpattern an incredibly simple and elegant CMS to use.

A direct, easy to follow interface, lightweight yet powerful core that is just super fast facilitating intuitive editing of articles, links, comments, page elements with no limit to style, layout or sections.

Have you used Textpattern to build a website or blog??? In case no, use this fine tool for the job especially apt for blogs and a wide variety of websites.

We love Textpattern!!!! Do you love???

Here we have collected 15 beautiful websites/blogs built using the free, flexible, elegant, and easy-to-use content management system Textpattern.

Have a look!!!


Knitalpaca is a unique online store devoted to knitting, where knitting kits, designs and material for knitting are all showcased and stocked to help you knit a luxurious garment all the way.

Coming to the layout and design aspects, this Textpattern powered website is one of the best with catchy and elegant design. The use of mustard yellow a distinct color over a dark brown background, and attractive product images is what makes the website interesting at the very first glance.

Check out the website and get inspired to build one!!


Nosycrow is a website powered on Textpattern CMS that is all about books, apps, authors, news and reviews.

This website is certainly a full featured Textpattern CMS based website where a lot many features and widgets are dumped into the layout in user friendly and easy to navigate manner, besides landing pages are also quiet interactive and entertaining.

Highly recommended Textpattern CMS powered website to get inspired!!!

Red Land Spring festival

Red land spring festival as the name explicates is a Textpattern CMS powered website that is devoted to showcase all the information pertaining to the cultural and music festival including the ticket info, festival program, online forums for performers, volunteers, site holders, gallery and a lot of other information.

This massive and immense content is beautifully organized in a clean layout bringing in the festive glow and charm to the website all the way.

As you can see in the header the festive glimpse, pink menu tabs, different bright colors used to maintain the festival harmony.

Get ideas!!! Make beautiful websites using Textpattern CMS.

Love the

Love the garden as the name implies is an amazing green website powered on TextPattern CMS devoted to lawn care, gardening, growing plants, weed control, pest and disease control, products and much more.

The home page as you can see features a smooth green header, menu tabs, slideshow, featured images with view more option, social media integration, integrated search filter, blog entries, manufacturer logos all in respective positions and organized way to help visitors understand what they want.

This website is truly adorable and inspirational website that has many advantageous from design and information perspective both together.

Housewife rituals

Here we are happy to showcase the Housewife rituals Textpattern CMS powered website that is gorgeously designed in a classic and trendy way to make the visitors stick to the website at the very first glance.

This website as you can see is extraordinary and unique leaving behind all the usual websites at bay featuring the menu tabs, integrated search filter, social media integration, interactive images and galleries, archives and other widgets/modules in a different yet striking manner all the way.

Check out every aspect!!! Give a thought!!! Plan a website!!! Launch a website just in seconds!!!

Tomas Kaan

Tomas Kaan a very fascinated director for Film, Documentary, TV and commercials builds his films around a strong emotions or a specific atmosphere using a distinct visual style.

Thus, Tomas kaan has started a website using Textpattern CMS to make more interesting films for anyone who aspires to have one.

As you can see, the backdrop of the webpage changes for every menu tab click, the limited webpage showcases all his work in a simple, elegant yet smooth way. A very attractive website that is creatively designed for a more effective and productive output altogether.

Rockstars Music Studios

Here is another best of best Textpattern powered website and is one of the largest and most successful private music schools located in Orange country devoted for all the crazy music lovers out there.

The whole website runs across red with flashy images, with neat and smooth navigation using limited menu tabs, and minimal widgets/modules deigned keeping simplicity in mind.

To be precise this is one of the most minimalistic Textpattern website that is responsive, functional yet effective.

Lux Design

LUX Design is Toronto’s premier Interior Design firm that designs residential design or a spa, hotel, cafe or lounge, exceeding client’s expectations understatedly luxurious and sophisticated.

A great example for Textpattern CMS website and is currently my favorite Textpattern website 2013 in action wonderfully designed that is easy on the eyes besides being user easy to use, interactive, user friendly and responsive website all in all.

Ben Mark Holzberg

Toronto photographer Ben Mark Holzberg has been shooting both the celebs and the civilians in the media world for 20+ years where all of his pictures evoke the mood. The whole website is dedicated to showcase his work in a seamless and fashionable manner.

A perfect Textpattern CMS based website example to make you people believe Textpattern can blend in well with any complex or minimalistic website on the go.

Checkout the website and decide on!!!!

Lindsay Kaye

Here we present you another beautiful and super awesome Textpattern powered website dedicated to Lindsay Kaye where all of her great work is amazingly showcased in beautiful highlights and colors.

Look great and functions well!! What else does a website or blog need???

Have any ideas??? Embed them into your exciting Textpattern website or build a new one in your own style!!! Hurry up!!!

The sequence

Sequence is a full service production studio focusing on design and animation, in a myriad of media, with projects including (but not limited to) live action shoots, production for interactive content and offline/online post-production services.

Not only are the services so technically well and creative but the website is so. As you can see, the website is fantastic and incredibly outstanding, proud to present you the website.

This Textpattern website is created keeping in mind lots of creativity, uniqueness, elegance, interaction, simplicity and love to make users stick to the website and get what they aspire to in matter of minutes.

Wolseley Wardrobe

Wolseley Wardrobe is a colorful and happening online stores built on Textpattern CMS offering quality consignment clothing and accessories for infants, children, men & women.

As you can see, this website is loaded with vibrant refreshing colors to make your visitors look into the website at glance, keeping in line with the more traditional website layout.

A wonderful example of Textpattern CMS website at its best.


If you are looking for a more minimal and clean layout Textpattern CMS based website to get inspired and stock all your products/services in an exceptional and productive way???

Here is the perfect Textpattern powered website the ElizabethWahyu one to consider.

The website is designed in a very minimalistic way using green colors while the modules/widgets integrated in the website help you figure out what you want in an easy to navigate way.

Stop waiting until the designer can fit in the edits now manage your site/blog the way you like using Textpattern.

Circus Family

Circus Family is simple, professional, versatile and fast website built on Textpattern CMS where simplicity forms a sense of balance and crispness that is quite refreshing coupled with a bunch of great features.

A great Textpattern website that will prove useful for a variety of different website domains on the go.

Visit the site and know more to implement more in your website!!!! Happy browsing!!!

Snack on

Snack On is the collective website formed to explore the application of materials and processes, experimental and established, to independently fabricated products this website allows you to pursue a more irreverent approach to product development favour guerrilla advertising, pop-up distribution and pufferfish principles.

Snack on is for all those dark and colorful lovers out there, a multi-colored rich yet happening website that looks beautiful.

To add with, it’s a great site that produces a lot of information and feature options in an easy to consume manner. Whether this is for your personal blog or a large corporation, get inspired from the layout. A great choice to consider for photographers, videographers, or anybody who needs to showcase creative work altogether.