Top 20 Best CMS Made Simple Powered Websites 2013

Almost everybody out there knows what CMS made Simple is and its vast application online.

Getting started with CMS made simple???

Truly, CMS made simple is a flexible, unobtrusive yet handy web application to create awesome websites providing you with all the essential tools and resources to design a great looking and functional website on the go.

We make your work easy and effortless by presenting you 20 best and most adorable CMS made easy powered websites 2013 for your reference and inspiration.

Check out the best of top 20 best CMS Made Simple based websites/blogs 2013 in this listing.

Please note, the listings of websites are random, in my opinion all the CMS made simple websites are awesomely designed and created.

CMS made simple

CMS Made Simple is an official website for CMS made simple open source content management system that allows quicker and easier website content management scalable for small businesses to large corporations.

This CMS made simple website takes complete advantage of the CMS made simple framework featuring good room space dedicated to logo, slogan, Menu tabs, banner image, and loads of other modules/widgets to produce more conversations.

IEEE Signal processing society

Signal Processing Society, the IEEE’s first society, is one of the best reputed CMS made simple website yet the world’s premier professional society for signal processing scientist and professionals.

This CMSMS website is the enabling technology for the generation, thus the layout of this specific website is quite captivating and inspiring. The website is simple awe-inspiring built keeping simplicity and modernity in mind.

The navy blue color schemes across a white background, rolling slider images makes the website more interesting and exciting all the way.


Precedeohs is a super awesome website powered on CMS made simple framework to provide one stop health & safety shop quality services to help businesses promote healthier, safer and substance free work.

The layout of this website is designed in an outstanding way with catchy rolling big slider showcasing all websites main theme and subject in big good format and images, modules/widgets all across a super cool white background.

The social media integration and the space dedicated to the rolling banner forms the highlight for this CMS made simple website.

Noise solutions

Noise solution as the title hints is a website that stocks broad range of services to help people understand the nature of noise and how it can be controlled, to constructively manage relationships with landowners (environmental noise), employees (occupational noise) and regulators, and to select the most effective noise solution for any situation.

This website is quite interestingly designed using the CMS made simple framework.

From the website layout look and feel it is quite clear that this website is a perfect example to showcase how effectively CMS made simple can be used.


Here we present you the fun, friendly CMS made simple powered website – Overlake: Golf and country that offers an extensive program of golf, social, tennis and swimming activities with an emphasis on camaraderie and family.

The whole website is so well constructed to help and provide the golf and social memberships maximum access to the golf course, junior golf, swimming and tennis programs and with the addition of Chef Alex Nemeth, both casual and formal dining clubhouse, pool and tennis courts.

A very professionally built website to get inspired!!!!

Visit west virgin


Visit west virgin is one of the simple, best and awesome website built on CMS made simple framework dedicated to West Virginia tourism including rural retreats and country culture, steep hills and deep valleys, scenic vistas, serene retreats, and serious adventure – a great travel destination website.

Come visit this beautifully and wonderfully built West Virginia website to get inspired.

Songer white water rafting

CMS made simple is an amazing treat to all the website business owners, designers and bloggers out there. Don’t believe???

Please look out the website designed using this powerful CMS how varied and striking the website is.

A super cool, awesome and gorgeous website designed on CMSMS framework giving a fresh and revitalizing feel all the way.

A handy wrapped up for you. Definitely an awesome CMS that’s right for you. Happy to create something just for you; All you have to do is get inspired form the design and enjoy.


The Petrache website designed using CMS made simple framework is one of the most amazing websites that is simply lively and happening.

The entire website outlook and feel is professional, it’s edgy, and it’s unique featuring a textured dark background, a homepage layout that’s perfect for small businesses, and a clean blog design that puts the focus on your content.

A great CMS made simple website for anyone who needs inspiration to build a modern, professional looking site that stands out from the crowd with a powerful CMS – CMS made simple.

Creative manner

Creative manner is a website design studio in Washington DC providing branding solutions to business to turn innovative ideas and marketing models into successful business with a passion for creativity.

Not only the website guides creativity solutions to people but has creativity and innovation within its website.

This creativity is all powered by the ultimate creative CMS – CMS made simple framework.

Give a look at the website!!!!


Evtat is a delicious website designed on CMS made simple framework, dedicated to stock the most natural and fresh products prepared pies, cookies, olive oil, stuffed, sweet variety of appetizers – the taste of lezzetseverlerin.

The site is beautifully constructed on a white background that highlights all the website products/services in an exceptional way, while the green logo and menu tabs definitely draws attention from all its visitors.

The home page houses slider that rolls out all the mouth-watering and lip-smacking delicious food products to make visitors definitely fall for the products and website all the way.

This website is the perfect example to explicate; CMS made simple can make wonders!!!!

PHP melody Templates

PHP melody templates is an amazing CMS made simple framework website designed in a well organized and fashionable layout to provide quality and functional Php melody Video CMS templates to wide range of PhpMelody lovers.

The website is so user friendly that the layman would be able to keep track of content, products/services, without compromising on look and feel of the website.

The home page slider, background color, menu tabs forms the highlights of this website.

Take a look at the website to create amazing websites using CMS made simple!!!

Dubweiser is an online community website designed on CMS made simple framework that is passionate and opinionated about calibrating brains on laid-back conditions where you find non-repetitive top music video all the way.

This website employs a beautiful video slideshow on the main page, a beautiful theme right out of the box, featuring a pink, black, white combination that’s easy on the eyes.

Starting up a new website or want to revamp your existing CMS made simple website – then this website is perfect example to build amazing one.


Happy to present you the Matthornsby website a perfect example to show how effective and productive CMS made simple is.

The entire website is designed so unusually and amazingly especially the home page, the vertical tabs, with a note like description box presenting the subject of the website are simply praise worthy.

The layout of this website reveals how amazing things can be formed from a scratch.

Give CMS made simple a try and make wonders!!!!


Idea Arts powered by CMS made simple framework is a simple and clean website designed in a simple, elegant and professional way all across a half-white background highlighting websites products/services in a productive way.

If you’ve ever thought of creating a digital resume for your online presence using CMS made simple, this is the perfect website for you to get inspired.

Discover the benefits of a modern web presence for your business, now!!!!

Zeeland spot

Here is another gorgeous website designed using the powerful CMS made simple framework, a simple website that provides a cascade style page featuring multiple modules/widgets in place to emphasis objectives, portfolio, experience, social media integration and more. Good space is dedicated to display a photo personalizing the main theme of the website.

If you’re looking to have a stand out website for your business using CMS made simple then this is the perfect website inspiration for you.

Shoes for industry

The shoes for industry is a small consultancy who do a surprising number of things surprisingly well is beautifully designed website all using CMS made simple framework.

As you can see, the website layout feel and look is quite optimistic featuring bold and bright content information, images, and widgets all presented in a well fashioned and user friendly manner.

A very interactive and easy to understand website that makes visitors follow the website routinely.

Take a look!!!! Create a website!!!Make hype!!!

Cottage networks

Cottage networks is another best website built using the CMS made simple framework to provide search-optimized websites for the hospitality and tourism sector, including restaurants, hotels, bed & breakfasts, tours, safaris, service businesses, etc.

This website is very informative following the simple norms of presenting products/services online, that’s great for sites that publish a lot of content or guide people about the website product/services in a more comprehensive way.

Erna’s Ongezouten website

Erna’s Ongezouten website is an another top best CMS made simple website that stocks recipes, information of tasty food without salt aimed at people with sodium restricted diet and people who simply love good food.

Not only the website recipes are healthy but the entire website is constructed healthy using the CMS made simple framework.

Beautiful slideshow with categories to check with, simple menu tabs, recipes with featured logos are amazingly gorgeous and look elegant all the way.

Well organized website all the way!!!!


The Criaçãoweb.NET is another great website based on CMS made simple framework that develops websites and web applications based on market strategies with the aim of reaching the target customer.

A professional business blue color tint is used to present all its products/services across it besides featuring social media integration, integrated search filter, simple menu tabs, company logo, services, and widgets/modules in a well organized layout.

Check out the website for clearer picture!!!

Vaughns Photo Art

Vaughns Photo Art website designed using CMS made simple framework is a beautiful Photography website of Photographer Vaughn Teegarden who lives in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee who is found kayaking, mountain biking or hiking, placing him in some of the most beautiful natural environments Appalachia has to offer in weekends.

Thus, with the CMS made simple Photographer Vaughn Teegarden showcases his discoveries through this site using beautiful slider at the front end to showcase all the hard work photography to the visitors at the first glance.

Please take your time looking through the galleries, and enjoy creating amazing new CMS made simple websites on the go!!!