Top 8 Fonts from MasterBundles & TemplateMonster

Any designer or developer wants to have the best choice of elements he can get. And MasterBundles is a perfect platform to find what you need. It has a huge amount of beautiful design elements from fonts to Instagram templates and such variety provides you with numerous choices. In addition, products from MusterBandles come with fair prices and you can always find products with discounts. So follow the link and you will find many more options for your project.

When it comes to decorating your website or flyers every element can improve or ruin the design. This is why the website developer should pay attention to all elements of the website even fonts. It may be wise to use a few fonts to highlight some text or image. The right choice of font can give more weight to your words. Moreover, the correct choice of font can influence the style and increase the impression of your project. It doesn’t matter if you are making a website for a law firm or toy store, you must have a perfectly suitable website.

Just Because

It is no doubt that this elegant font is capable of making texts look visually-attractive. If you decide to turn your digital (or paper) piece of work into something like a masterpiece, you certainly need this incredible solution. It has a modern and sophisticated look. There are lots of purposes that it can assist you in. As an example, it is possible to use it in advertising, web design, corporate identity, and so on and so forth. This hand-drawn typeface has five fonts, photoshop styles, and swashes. It is going to look perfect in both large and small forms. There are such types as uppercase, lowercase, numeral, punctuation, and symbol included in the package. You will also get such font variants as light, regular, bold, extra bold, and black.  

Font Bundle: 16 Stunning Fonts OTF/TTF/WOFF

This set of 16 professionally developed fonts will be a multitool for any project. You can use it to decorate a website, wedding design, watermark, invitation and many more. It is specifically good if you want to create an impression of handwriting style. All 16 fonts can be edited easily on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. It is mostly bold, yet very elegant fonts that create a special charm and effectively boosts your project.  So do not waste your time and go to the product page to see how these fonts look like and how they interact with the design.


An extremely eye-catching font that really distinguishes itself from others. It has a geometrical structure that is considered to be very exciting and remarkable. This font comes together with two weight and five styles. In addition to this, it will save its amazing look in both small and large sizes. Actually, it does not matter which kind of project you want to decorate with this font. Each of them will turn out to be an attention-grabbing one thanks to this solution. There are types included in the package as regular, bold, rough, lines, and two outlines.

TypeFaith Grunge Bundle: 18 Creative Fonts

Looking for a vintage font? Maybe two vintage fonts? Or maybe you need a set of 18 creative fonts made in retro, vintage or grunge styles? Then we definitely have what you are looking for. Professionally developed this set of fonts is a modern decision if you want to remind people about past times or if you work on a project related to punk fashion. Anyway, you will like these fonts. And the most important part is that you can use it for any purpose from T-shirt printing to website templates. Just check the product page and you will see how good it is.

Young Rebel

In our opinion, the name of this fresh font speaks for itself. Its unusual look will definitely turn out to be a memorable one. There are many types of projects that you can implement it into. As an example, it is possible to make your branding projects or magazine headers stand out from the crowd thanks to this modern solution. To cut a long story short, there are four font included in the package. Among them, you can find a few variations of it – light, regular, and bold. As you can understand, it is possible to play around with it in order to make different types of projects look original.

New Style Font Bundle: 156 Fonts!

Sometimes you just need a huuuuge set of fonts. A set of fonts that can suit official documents, parties or flyer design. In other words, you need a multitool set of fonts. And we have one for you. This set is a collection of all MissinkLab Studio and Pineungtype fonts and it is suitable for various occasions. You can use it for any type of design projects and it perfectly suits T-shirts and posters. Moreover, you can use them for commercial use and advertise your products.  Purchasing of this font set will both save your money and time. So download it right now and boost your design opportunities.

Lenka Brush Calligraphy + Bonus

Looking for an elegant font with handwritten design style? Then Lenka is definitely what you need. Developed with care this font is perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and retro design projects. You can also use it in web development in case you have a wedding agency website and you want to renew it with professionally made design elements. Moreover, it includes a set of freebies that will be an attractive addition to your new font.


A fanciful font that will make every project look unforgettable. You cannot even imagine a number of purposes that it can assist you in. As an example, we offer you to take advantage of it in order to make your homeware designs or product packagings look unique. It is also possible to create stylish text overlays or background images using this amazing solution. There are various fonts types included in the package. In general, you will find four types of this exquisite font available in light, regular, and bold variants. By making some easy calculations, you can understand that you can make use of 12 excellent fonts.

Font Duo Skyline Adventure Brushed + Vector Elements

Skyline Adventure is creative and handmade  Font that can suit various design needs. You can start a travel website, personal blog or a title page. It is attractive and includes two font styles: a Skyline Brushed and a Capital Adventure. Skyline Brushed is a watercolor script typeface and Capital Adventure is a new, all-caps font with wide spacing. It reminds the good old Indian style fonts or Nordic style fonts. You can be sure it will decorate your design project and make it eye-catchy. But do not listen to me, follow the link and check it by yourself.

Royal Creation Kit – 100+ elements

If you want to create something elegant than this Font and elements kit is definitely what you need. It has 15 font combination and you can play with these combinations to find a uniquely suitable solution for your website. It also has 15 pre-made logo templates and 90 design element included to provide you with decoration and background that can highlight font. As the name implies the Royal Creation Kit is elegant and stylish and you can use it for a restaurant website, luxury hotel commercials or fashion stores.

Shallou Script Font

One more creative, yet bright and stylish font. It is elegant and simple at the same time and this makes Shallou an attractive multitool for designers. You can create a wedding invitation, brand logo, art website and many more projects with Shallou Script Font. It includes full alphabet, punctuation, and multilingual characters.

Nature Creation Kit: Fonts, Logo, Elements

With this kit, you can make a design even for most hard projects. Made by professional designers it includes 15 font combinations with a different style each. Yet, besides font combinations, it also includes 15 scenes and 15 logo templates. It was developed for companies related to nature and wildlife, yet due to designers top-notch work, it can suit various projects and maybe your project needs only this font kit to become perfect. Check it on the product page and you will find out for sure.

This list contains 12 font kits with different styles and included elements. Yet, if you want to learn more about fonts, bundles, icons, and textures, you can check the MasterBundles Blog. You can find many interesting about MasterBundles marketplace and products it provides. For example, about Top 50 greatest typographers and trends, a guide for beginners, top 50 fun fonts or how to write a greeting card. Alternatively, if you like to watch more you can find MasterBundles videos on YouTube.